Splat – Plop

It is not that I never dropped, spilled or caused a storm of crumbs to cross my path when I was a bit more able-bodied, but it was not as constant!  At least it didn’t seem so frequent.  

Almost the first thing my cousin did when she brought me home from the rehab center was to bend down and pick up the dozen or so pills that fell under the edge of the dining room table.  I said I thought I’d just vacuum them up, but by then she deposited them into the trash. 

Today a tiny blob of cottage cheese plopped down into a plastic bag hanging on a knob of the cabinet in front of me as I was filling a bowl.  Sighing, I noticed the little dried puddle of ice cream from yesterday and the very narrow streak of chocolate syrup. 

Carrying the bowl of cottage cheese crowned with grapes into the front  room, one large grape rolled away from me and just out of reach.  I’ll get it when I stand up.  

Yesterday as I sat down with a full bowl of milk soaked cereal, half of it poured down my front and required my setting the bowl down while I went to change clothes.  This experience is exasperating, but not likely to change.  Most often, the caps on bottles of water pop off after I have taken a drink, and replaced the cap.  Now and then I do not bother to retrieve the cap until the bottle is ready for the recycle bin. 

The old saying, “It’s all in the wrists,” does apply.  A couple of visits to hand specialists told me that while there is mild carpal tunnel, the bigger problem has to do with tendon issues in both forearms.  It is not unusual for me to drop a fork and I can no longer mend or, worse, enjoy my life long hobby of crocheting.  Surgery, more physical therapy and cortisone are the options suggested to me.  I did do the physical therapy.


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