Guess Who Found Me

After a stop at the post office to drop a couple of bill payments and the last few Christmas cards,   more like Epiphany cards, into the mail collection drawer inside the building, I drove back to the little strip mall on the corner and went inside the store.  

The main purpose of that stop was to get a prescribed bottle of mouth wash I am required to use the night before and morning of my up coming knee replacement. During the pre admission testing last week, I was also issued small bottles of shampoo and body wash. Oh brother!  As a person who went through two C-sections and a hysterectomy, with no such prerequisites, the multitude of demands and requirements for this procedure sounds very much like overkill.  

In the last several stops at this store  there were no packages of rotisserie chicken or chicken parts, so when I saw some, I got one into my cart along with some of their potato salad, and picked up a package of their “flavor bomb” tiny tomatoes, which are almost like home grown.  This is not the traditional New Year’s dinner, of pork and sauerkraut, but my cousin, Ray, who usually hosts New Year’s dinner said his wife did not want company.  When the cart was about half full, I went to stand in a cashier line, they were all long, so I went back to the pharmacy and parked myself on the bench to rest for a few minutes before trying again.  

On the second try and finally getting through the line, a lady from another line said, “Excuse me, but are you…” and saying my name she dropped her mask and said hers.  I was so surprised and tickled to see her.  We worked together at the insurance company downtown, along with a third friend, Winsome.  She has lived here for over four years and this was the first time we bumped into each other.  She helped load the filled bags back into the cart and unloaded the bags into the trunk when we walked back to my car.

Over the decades of my life, I have met many people and while we were friends at work,  that seemed to end when employment changed, which always disappointed me. Somehow the three of us stayed in touch as the years went by, when Winsome’s family moved to North Carolina, then back to southern Ohio and now they are going up to Perry to be more supportive of their elder daughter, the veterinarian.  Happily, a few of those friends are still in touch, one from California, one from the theatre here and one from Ameriprise.  They are gems.  

Coming from a fairly large family, I do have a lot of cousins, but they are all busy with their own families, so if we see each other once a year, we are lucky.  Since we are all aging, I wish we could see each other more often.  Maybe in the next life. 


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