Thanksgiving Feasting

Like every other calendar day, Thanksgiving passed all too quickly, but for the pictures, the  memoires slip silently into the background.  

My cousin Maryann’s daughter and beau arrived shortly after noon, to pick me up so I would not have to drive home in the dark, for which I was really grateful.  

The other guests were all from Maryann’s ex-husband’s second family, because they have all remained very close in spite of that long ago divorce.  

The healthy, happy two year old kept everyone on their toes as he tore around the main floor of the house, wriggling out of each pair of arms that attempted to restrain him.  

The meal was sumptuous, the aromas enticing and the flavors pleasing all. Shortly after pie and coffee, the hugs and farewells began and when we were down to the small core group of Maryann, Becky, Kevin and I, Becky set up the movie for the evening, which was the new version of “Christmas Story”, originally filmed in Cleveland, Ohio. When that ended Maryann and Becky drove me back home and helped me into the house. The leftovers became two dinners for me.

On the day after Thanksgiving I drove to Columbia Station to join Ray and Elaine and her family for their day 2 of Thanksgiving.  

I haven’t been to their gathering since the onset of Covid19, so it was really good to be with them again. The weather was mild and pleasant all week. 


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