Free Delivery

Tuesday I called my doctor’s prescription line and asked for a renewal of a diuretic I was almost out of, as the prescription bottle label said “no more refills,” although the doctors want the medication continued.     Why they require the medicines to be requested of them  every few months is just anybody’s guess and annoying.  Wednesdays the doctor’s office is closed so Tuesday was the best day to place the order.  

Thursday was the last day of warm weather, so I went to the store to get some fresh fruit and to pick up the diuretic.  The pharmacist looked puzzled saying he didn’t have the doctor’s order, would I like him to contact them?  Yes, please and thank you.  Shall I come in for it tomorrow?  Call first, he suggested.  

Friday the torrential rain, a gift from Hurricane Natalie as she headed up the coast and back out to sea, kept me indoors.  

Saturday as I was backing out of my garage, a wintry mix began and by the time I parked the car and stepped out, the air was plain nasty.  It was my plan to stop at the postal box and then go to pick up the diuretic before going back home. When I returned to the car after Mass, it was nastier outside and I drove directly home. While I was inside the garage I latched the side door that goes outside, because unlatched, the door just swings open in very cold weather.  I’ve had a couple of guys look at the door and the last one installed the latch.  Against the door I piled about ten small bags of plastic bags to help as a barrier against the cold air seeping in around the door.  

On Sunday I decided to call the pharmacy to be sure the refill was ready.  After going through all the information about the refill, I hung on to talk to a person and after about twenty rings’ recording said the pharmacy was closed.  Okay, good.  I rummaged around through little bottles I had carried on two recent trips and found enough pills to get me through Monday.  

Monday the pharmacy called to say the refill was ready and if it was not picked up it would be returned to stock.  Also, they have free delivery service. I thought about that for a minute and called them back to ask for the free delivery service.  They said it was only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I said that would be fine and that was that, I thought.  

Later that evening the pharmacy called me back to verify that I wanted the free delivery service. Yes.  It would come between  ten a.m. and one p.m.  Good.  At ten a.m. I had unlocked the front door and parked myself in the big lazy boy next to the door.  At 11:45 a.m. I went into the kitchen to make coffee.  That, of course, is when the knocking on the door started.  When I opened the door, there stood a large elderly man  with wild looking strands of white hair wearing a red tee shirt with the store logo asking if I was me and nodding, I said, “Yes. Good to see you!”  Handing me the store’s bag with a refill of the diuretic, we parted with a wave and I closed the door.


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