Fading Summer

As summer fades into autumn, after images of times shared with good people and wonderful meals we enjoyed bring smiles and comfortable memories to mind. In May the Word Lovers Retreat and the ride with Claudia, the book review we attended in August at the South Euclid Library.  

Mid August Connie organized a day trip to the downtown library, which I had not been to in many years followed by a sumptuous meal with assorted delectables, of which I think of the asparagus spears, fine green beans, subtle thin slices of cheese and pastrami like I have not had since I was last in Rome. The waiters carrying long skewers of meat to be sliced at each table and given to each patron as he or she wished.  One of them I found to be especially delicious. 

Connie had driven down to Hartville to purchase peaches driven there directly from Georgia. She was kind enough to offer each of us some of that bounty and I thought they may have been the best peaches I have ever eaten.

The usual business of errands, and appointments seem to have whittled the summer away, and now I am trying to meet with long time friends that I only seem to see once a year, before the snow flies.

This past Saturday I met Debbie for lunch in Parma. We had been neighbors in there when she was staying with her mom while waiting for her husband to come home from Desert Storm.  We rode the bus together downtown back then. They have since raised two children.  Last year I asked if she could use some extra Christmas ornaments since I had acquired so many over the years and neither of my children seemed to want them.  She said yes, then after lunch she came over and we spent about two hours sifting through boxes of them. She carted about two cartons of Halloween through Christmas decorations that she will share with her daughter, sister and sister-in-law and those things will be passed on in their families – so I am glad for the continuance.

She will have to come again since there are a few more boxes to look through.  We left our chairs in position to pick up where we left off.

She was also happy to have a large platter and a wide bowl with a rose design that turned up here once I settled in, having no idea which set of grandparents it may have come from as I have no childhood memory of them.

I’m still waiting to hear from three former Zumba friends, to agree on a time and place for our annual gathering.

Once I return from two short trips in  October, it is my hope to hunker down for what the Farmer’s Almanac says will be a hard cold winter.  Plenty of books to read, just need to stock the cupboards and freezer for the dreaded winter ahead.


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