Green Fluffiness

From May the 6th through the 8th, the community of writers who gather at the Idlewyld Bed and Breakfast in Lakeside in early spring and late fall convened again after the years of Covid 19 kept us apart.  Claudia gathered folks last fall too, but I was not convinced that it was safe yet and some folks that I hoped to see did not come this time either.  

I signed up and paid but was a little concerned about the somewhat strenuous drive on the wildly busy highway 90 as it leads into highway 2.  As if in answer to an unspoken prayer, Claudia asked if I was sure I wanted to make that drive myself, or did I want to go with her.  Without hesitation I said I think I better go with you.  

The directions to her house were good and though the day was cold and very rainy, we set off at the time she said she wanted to leave as Paul, her husband, handed her bags of food for the dinner and breakfasts we would enjoy at the house.  

We chatted all the way and I was able to take many pictures as we crossed over Sandusky Bay, which I have never been able to do when my white knuckles grasped the wheel and my eyes stayed on the road in previous years.

We pulled into the short drive behind the house and she found the key and unlocked the door so we could settle in.  No one else arrived yet and the house felt comfortable and dry after dodging raindrops.  There is an interesting sense of emptiness and quiet in the house we’ve all been to so many times.

Claudia did a walk around check of the house before heading off to the local grocery store.  I settled into my room and laid down to get a nap.

Later as others began to arrive we visited and caught up each others lives.  Beth, Claudia’s sister came to help with cooking and kitchen chores.  She brought her box of beads and made some bracelets and sold a few.

The dinner, chicken marsala, was wonderful and I think most of us qualified for the clean plate club.  

Friday nights are usually our late nights as we sit in the gathering room drinking wine, laughing and talking until we file off one by one to the beds.

I remembered to bring and take a tylenol p.m. as my first night away from home usually finds me tossing and turning most of the night.  So, while I zonked out, others were spooked by the strong winds whistling, causing creaking and groaning noises outside the century house.

Thankfully morning brought sunshine and a quieter day, not warmer, but at least dry. We arranged ourselves, notebooks or laptops set as our guest speaker, Abby, from the South Euclid Library, did two consecutive presentations. 

There is always a little spare time to do what we like, some head straight out and up the street to a group of shops, mainly Marilyn’s to select one treasure or another.  Lisa bought a very lovely elegant white wrap that she wore to dinner.

There is always a discussion about where to go for dinner, but we usually end up at the Canoe Club, which is very nice.  There is actually a full sized canoe mounted on a wall.  There are always a handful of folks who go elsewhere.

After dinner we settle back in the gathering room where we usually do a reading where we take turns reading from our current works.  Then there is more talking and laughing and an earlier bed time.

After another great breakfast on Sunday some take early leave of the group while other’s stay tuned for last minute sharing of words of wisdom and promises to keep in touch.

It always feels like I have absorbed much new information and touched base with great people I do not see elsewhere.  I am content for the time being.

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