What Is a Nuisance?

As I was standing in my front doorway sifting through an accumulation of junk mail, my cousin Tom’s truck appeared in the driveway.  We exchanged greetings when he got to the door and then he told me he brought some vibration sound equipment which was supposed to drive the ground hogs out of the burrows they have constructed for their families over the last twenty years surrounding the foundation of my house.  The worst of their damage was on the windward side of the house where they managed to uproot a tall shrub.

After installing the equipment, Tom went home and called me to report the extensive damage he observed that the critters have caused and worried that there may be water seeping into the basement as a result.   While I have thought the concrete block basement walls have looked damp to me for years, Don, the contractor I hire to help with stuff around the house said no, there was no water coming in at that time.

Twenty years ago the city told me they do not help with ground hogs since they are not considered nuisance animals.  In this yard they are a serious nuisance.

Earlier this summer Tom thought the solution was to toss stink bombs down the holes, but I guess he couldn’t find them so he opted for the sound equipment.  Many years and some homes ago I tried some comparable gizmos to get rid of mice and that did not work, but we shall see.    

When I first saw coyotes in this neighborhood I was hopeful that groundhog was on their menu but apparently not.

 Tom said he will check back in about three weeks to see if the sound equipment has been effective.  That will take us to late August and the end of another span of time for getting this job done. 

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