angels among us

angel work

The bewilderment on my face prompted the thin, older but not elder, attractive lady who appeared at my side to ask again, “May I help you?”  I stepped aside and she launched into making quick work of moving the stuffed green plastic bags on the conveyor belt of the check-out counter into the cart which had been my support as I moved around from aisle to aisle.

Such people, the human angels, I think of them as, appear suddenly and disappear after being helpful.  I am always surprised when they come forward as I am muddling along with one thing or another, like the time last winter as I was sloshing through ankle deep melting snow on my way out of the bank.  I was using my cane and walking slowly, stepping into footprints made by others.  At the stop sign a white SUV halted, the window rolled down and a lady called out asking if I needed help.  I smiled and said, thanks but I’d be all right.  She quickly pulled into a parking slot and hopped through the slush, taking my elbow guiding me to my car door, took my key to open the door, and stood there while I got into my vehicle. Once I was situated and ready to start the car I thanked her again, asking her name, Michelle and told her mine and she said she’d be able to sleep better that night having done that.

Suddenly the snow was falling fast in fat flakes and accumulating.  I was pushing a cart full of groceries across the now covered asphalt toward my little car when a young woman came alongside of me and asked to help, taking over the pushing as I led the way.  She was also calling out to her mother not to leave without her.  I opened the trunk and she got all the bags into the car for me then scurried off pushing the cart into one of the stands for them, again shouting out to her mother, whom I never did see.  I was so thankful to be inside the car, slowly inching my way home.

There are various stories I have heard over the years about people who walk into and back out of our lives like that.  Maybe they are angels or maybe just good people who feel better for helping some who needs it.  Whoever they may be, I am grateful for those helping hands.


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