Monday morning came soon and after a hurried breakfast Claudia and I rolled our luggage out of the room and rode the elevator down to the lobby where I checked out and we were out the door with a last glance at the beautiful river before heading out to the highway that would take us back to Ohio.

Claudia’s phone directed us to a detour that took us along a stretch of the Mississippi River, and across a bit of Illinois neither of us had seen before.  It was a beautiful day for driving, not too warm and the bulk of the traffic was coming in the other direction.  Each rest stop was clean more modern than ones I remember stopping at in my drives from Illinois to Ohio years ago.  We made good time and were at my doorstep by seven p.m.

It’s now a full two weeks since we’ve returned and I feel like I’m finally catching up with myself and pretty much back in synch with my normal routine, both at the office and the water exercise class, e-mail, Facebook posting photos, phone calls, re-stocked the fridge, done all of the laundry and most of the assorted chores that no little brownies or elves did for me while I was away.

Last year the wonderfully green and lush grasses and weeds in Iowa City were much taller and more dense than the same growth here in Ohio, but this year ours was better, which I noticed on my annual walk with Wendy, from the Cleveland Ufology Project.

As we ambled along the path that runs parallel to the canal, the vegetation was much thicker than I remembered it being last year and was a huge improvement from the year of the drought, which may have been 2012, when there wasn’t a drop of water in the canal and the weeds there were about 3 feet tall.  It took a few years for them to sink back below water level.

The powers that be, still don’t get it and continue to cut down fields full of trees so they can line their pockets with big bucks as they pave away, keep building and building.  The few stands of trees left around my workplace used to have deer that came frolicking across the parking lots regularly by late afternoon, but it has been a long time since I have seen any of them.


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