Commercial Holidays


The greeting card industry has capitalized on the acknowledgement of assorted sentiments for many years.  Mother’s Day is the single busiest day for the phone company, no doubt as a result.  But for the reminders about this and other appointed times to take a moment to say thank you and/or I love you, people today might keep right on with their insanely busy schedules, completely forgetting to even call or write to the ones they do deep down care about.  So the commercial value is somewhat overlooked and everyone feels as if they have done their duty or are at least rewarded by the pleased responses from the folks who receive the cards, flowers, candy, calls or some token of affection.

My cousin Maryann’s two children have always been generous to her in their show of love and affection, so this first Mother’s Day without her son, I expected would be especially difficult for her.

I was invited to join Maryann and her daughter for dinner which would be shishkebabs that Becky’s beau, Kevin would grill.  He is the chef in that couple and he enjoys grilling.  Each skewer held an assortment of tomato, pineapple, onion, pepper, chicken, shrimp and beef chunks.  He went on to spend the day with his own mom, but still did the grilling and the three of us really enjoyed his work.  They brought fried rice from a nearby Chinese restaurant and Maryann made a fruit salad, so that was a very nice meal.

Becky only mentioned her brother a few times and showed some pictures from his childhood that she had on her i-phone, but otherwise the mood was comfortably light, for which I was really grateful.   Of course, I could not help remembering past celebrations when our numbers were larger and we were indulged by Aunt Elizabeth for prime rib at her favorite restaurant.

I was glad to be with family and to share a nice meal.  As if that were not enough, Becky presented me with a lovely flower arrangement which had white roses and other pink flowers in it.  I was really touched.

When I got back home there was a phone message from my Lebanese next door neighbors inviting me to come for dinner.   I thought I should stop there at least for coffee.  I seem to be getting accustomed to their super strong espresso like coffee.  After an hour or so I tried to take my leave, but they insisted I stay for a serving of watermelon, so I sat back down and when I finally left my “family” next door, it was beginning to get dark, so I had spent the whole day in good company.


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