Salty Snacks

salty snacks

Pringles. Yum.  I polished off the mid-sized container in two sittings.  If it hadn’t been so late when I shut down the computer last night, I could have easily consumed all of them.   The flavor is mild and not like anything in particular so I am not sure why they are so addictive.  Maybe it is just the salt.  I had gotten through most of the evening and then I read an e-mail from my Uncle Bob which purported that studies on mice were in and it is now thought that the old belief that salt was SO bad for us, just might not be entirely correct.

After I responded to my uncle, I headed directly to the cupboard where I had a tube of Pringles which I had been avoiding since the man on the plane next to me coming home from Colorado gave them to me, and with no guilt at all pulled it open and dug right in to the precisely shaped and neatly stacked layers of chips. How could something so simple be so delightful?

Someone on television that day said she felt fabulous and I had been wondering when I could last say that with any degree of integrity.  But full of those thin salted chips was probably pretty close, at least until I am forced to face the numbers on the scale again.

When the children were living with me and I was inclined to take advantage of good prices on such snacks, (two or three for…) I often had ruffled potato chips and sour cream and onion flavored ones and lime, stuffed into our cupboards.  There had been a steady stream of kid traffic in the house, though the rule was, no friends indoors if I am not home, so we burned through bags of chips at a high rate, to the extent that my quiet and rarely critical mother even said, “You give those kids too many snacks!”

A few years ago my cousin, Theresa introduced me to the flat pretzel, dear me, they also have a sour cream onion variety.  I try to limit my purchase of salty snacks to nuts, pumpernickel sticks and blue corn chips, which I have told myself are less harmful than most other chips and I usually use them with humus or a salsa to which I add black beans and corn, thus rationalizing that there might even be some benefit in them.

Perhaps the only way not to go overboard with salty snacks, is like everything else, the secret word is moderation.


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