New Shoes


Sometimes it takes a bit of talking to myself to just get out the door and go someplace that I want to go, but keep dragging my feet hoping someone will join me in the effort.  Of course that is a good way of opting for a default of going nowhere.  I’ve heard that going a new route, or to a place you haven’t been to before is good exercise for the brain, so I got directions to the Steelyard Commons from Danny at the office and with no other agenda on Sunday and under blue skies after four solid days of rain, I set off heading west on highway 480 and getting off at 176 going north and following signs from there.

The total drive time was probably just over fifteen or twenty minutes and I parked right across the road from the shoe outlet that one of the Zumba ladies advised me about.  Sure enough there was a clearance wall at the back of the store, but no wide width shoes and only one lane of wide width shoes in the whole store.  That still left me with a good assortment to choose from.

The new shoe fabric of memory foam is really very comfortable and with the damage to my toes from arthritis the old walking shoes I’ve been wearing have finally become intolerable.  I found one pair so comfortable I wore them home and decided on two more for work, casual wear and exercise classes. What kind of salesman would not remind me that since I was going to buy 3, I could get one more pair and take advantage of the two for rate.  Although I spent so much time picking out the first three, I did manage to find one more in a different color that would be suitable and so much more comfortable than the ones at home.  So, for a little more than what I paid for 2 pairs of new shoes a couple of months ago, I got four pairs. Such is the advantage of shopping at an outlet store.

At home I pulled all the older, still wearable, but stiffer material culprits from the row of walking shoes and bagged them to go elsewhere, hopefully to someone with younger, less damaged feet to help them until they can afford newer ones too.


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