Winding Down


As Holy week marched forward into Thursday we attended another lovely con-celebrated Mass with the washing of the feet ceremony – the ushers picked a random group of twelve from the front pews, at the Cathedral.   We enjoyed Theresa’s squash soup and cauliflower that she doused with olive oil and cooked lightly in the microwave, and polished off the home-made bread.

On Good Friday when Theresa came back from work we drove all around the town while she checked errands off of her list and by seven p.m. we arrived at the home of Phyllis and Rich on the other side of Denver, where we sat around their fire pit surrounded by lovely aspen and blossoming trees, munching on assorted tasty foodstuffs and sipping chardonnay.  The original plan was to go up to their cabin in the mountains and view the stars but exhaustion drank up what little energy Theresa had left as the sun was setting, so we stayed put and were quite happy spend the night on this side of the mountains.

In the morning around a lovely and filling breakfast two cell phones circulated back and forth with the pictures of the much viewed giraffe, April, and her brand new baby.  Theresa and Ana texted back and forth about it and Theresa’s college friend from Indonesia was in on the conversation as well.

With our stuff loaded up in the car, snacks and water, we followed Rich and Phyllis and wound our way up to Red Rocks, a spectacular geological sight with gigantic slabs of up-heaved red rocks, hinting how the Rocky Mountains were built.  Each formation was more stunning than the last, the striations clear and fascinating.

Continuing on the winding road upwards we stopped at the Mother Cabrini shrine and gift shop.  From there Phyllis and Rich parted ways with us and we drove back to Broomfield.


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