At the end of the day


Easter Sunday, the most important holy day of the year in the Catholic Church, was lovely and sunny as we headed into Denver early for Theresa’s choir practice, which they did right in the choir loft this time, not in the confines of another sealed off room, so everyone who arrived early got to hear the music as they went through their paces before the real production during the Mass.

From the church we went back to the family home and started the preparations for the evening meal and the guests.  I peeled and chopped carrots, peeled the eggs to be deviled and took pictures of all the decorations.  Theresa zoomed around doing everything else.  She baked fresh beets, peeled and cut them and had prepared some dishes including the main course of Wiener schnitzel the evening before, setting up a few things that could be done in advance.  There was red cabbage, tiny potatoes, perogies, and Phyllis brought a crock pot of pork and sauerkraut per the recipe from Ken and Rich’s mom, Helen.

During the last section of time before company would arrive, Theresa set me up to watch the movie Frida, which she was astonished I had not yet seen, about the wife of the best known Mexican artist, Diego Rivera.  The movie was quite well done and bits and pieces of it are still floating around in my head.  It was just over on time as Phyllis and Rich arrived, followed by Jessi and her beau, Ryan.  Last to arrive was Ana’s friend, Tanner who charmed everyone by announcing to Theresa that he wanted to kiss Ana on the lips.

The meal was grand and enjoyed by all as the sun was setting and we had scattered from the dining area to the deck to see the sun fading into the horizon and someone guiding a glow in the dark drone in the neighborhood.

Holidays come and holidays go and Monday morning found Theresa and I heading off to the airport where we hugged goodbye for the time being.  I went into the terminal to make my way to the flight that would bring me home and she parked her car and went on to a meeting in Chicago for the week.


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