Leanin’ Tree


Theresa’s schedule for Wednesday was so hectic, that she decided to drop me off at the Leanin’ Tree Greeting Card Company Factory which was not far from one of the places she had to go to and circle back to, where I would go on a tour, then browse in their art museum on the second floor and the gift shop on the main floor.  There is also a sculpture garden with an assortment of bronzes which could rival the Fredrick Remington bronze work any day.  It happened that the now 92 year old owner of the business had a lifelong love of art and collected mostly western and American Indian paintings over the last seven decades.  A couple on the tour with me said they saw an article in the paper saying that Mr. Trumbull planned to auction off his collection this summer, so they decided they had better come and have a look before it all goes away.

The greeting cards are all made from re-cycled paper and seeing the massive stacks of paper with rows of cards printed on each page was interesting; we also saw the machine that is used to cut through a stack of them as well as various other steps in the process of making their products.

After the tour we were allowed to pick out a card of our choice as a souvenir and I picked an Easter card which I addressed to my cousin, Maryann.  We were also allowed to have two or three post card reproductions of the artwork in the museum – I found 3 I really liked, and bought a magnet of wild flowers which now lives on the door of the freezer part of my refrigerator along with the assorted magnets I’ve collected since we lived in Parma.

In the sculpture garden there is a lovely tall white barked tree which I learned is an Aspen.  It was my first in person view of an Aspen tree and of course, I really liked it.

In our travels we spotted an open yard where a group of artists had accumulated tree stumps and chunks of logs in assorted sizes, many of which were at various stages of being carved into animal figures.  The work was all pretty good and the one artist there was quite sun-tanned and deeply weathered.  We got out of the car and walked around the yard, I to take pictures and Theresa to talk with the artist.

We stopped at the grocery store where Theresa and Ana went inside and I relaxed in the car.  After  dinner that night we really enjoyed a very creamy and who cares to count the calories of Tillamook Oregon Cherry ice cream.  Is there a better way to end a busy day?


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