Raspberry Blonde

color wheel 1

Cindy, a long-time family friend, has been cutting and coloring my hair for years.  Her work as a hairdresser is always excellent and somehow always a little different.  She has been doing this job professionally for so many years that she just looks at a face and cuts hair accordingly.  I’ve had lots of compliments on the results on a pretty regular basis.

About two weeks ago I had an appointment and she was excited about trying something a little different.  How would you like to be strawberry blonde, she suggested.  I said strawberry blonde would be okay if she really thought it would look good, and she said she wouldn’t advise it if it would look bad.  My one caution was that I did not want it red-violet.  She had done that once before and I did not approve, saying I was too old for that.  So she changed it before I got out of the chair.  No, no she said, it is strawberry blonde.

Well, the color turned out to be what I would call red-violet, but since it is a frosted style, it is not like I have a head of red-violet hair, only some touches of it, which I am not thrilled with, but it doesn’t look too awful, nor too loud.  The office folks are my usual barometer and the first day after the deed was done no one remarked on the new doo at all so I figured it wasn’t too bad.  Later in the week there were a few comments and none seemed negative or questioning and when I said I thought I was too old for this coloring, they heartily disagreed.  I love these people!!


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