Chaos on the Menu


Being a transition month between winter and the beginning of spring, one expects a certain amount of uncertainty at least weather-wise.  This year March seemed to arrive as a lion, with a snowstorm that left my drive full of snow and the street still un-plowed by one in the afternoon.  So I cancelled my appointment for getting my taxes done at the senior center in town.  At first the girl suggested I come late like everyone else seemed to be doing, but I begged off and she reluctantly reset my appointment for the first Friday in April.  That’s a little close for comfort, but alas, the volunteers only give us Fridays, and since it is at no charge to us, I guess there is no room for complaining.

This past Saturday was rainy and dreary all day and I had a box and a bag of recyclable paper and cardboard to take to the church paper collection bins when I went to the 4:30 vigil Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Church.  On my way out of the church I pulled the last straggly scraps of marigold out of the concrete pot by the door, which looked terrible and I’d meant to do that since November.  Now the soil can rest until I re-sprinkle it in the spring with new seeds.  It was now a freezing snow-rain, or “wintry mix” as they say on the forecasts, coming down.  With my umbrella wide open and the cane to help me stay upright, I slowly walked back to my car and all I could think of was going home, changing into dry warm clothes and not being out at all.  Of course, I completely forgot about and missed the monthly ufology club meeting that night.  I didn’t even realize it until I looked at the calendar and saw that the third Saturday of the month was now history.

In the midst of breakfast on Saturday the remote control did a double flip and landed in the netherworld beneath one of the two couches which are corner to corner and the glass topped table that fills out the corner, beyond my reach and vision.  Even with the overhead lights on bright and the beam of the flashlight I was unable to recover the device.  The television was set at mute and while I could change the channel or turn it off or on manually, none of the buttons on the set would un-mute the machine.  Serves me right one might say, since I will not tolerate all the advertisements and always mute them.  Well that’s a fine how-do-you do!!  I won’t be able to hear my Sunday morning programs.  Not good at all.  This requires drastic action, so I turned off the power strip for the family room television and marched off to the smaller television in my bedroom to see if it would come to life.  Sure enough, the little connecting box we had to buy to translate from analog to digital, blared red and I switched it to blue, and turned on the television, there was a basketball game in full swing.  The battery in the remote was clearly dead since it had been how many years since I used it?  A new battery brought on the sound and changed the stations and I was back in business, hurray! Taking my meals in my bedroom does not appeal to me, but not being able to watch/hear my television is worse.

This morning I got out of bed at seven a.m. in order to be ready for the arrival of a new dishwasher and stove.  The hall from the front door to the kitchen was still clear of book cases and bench, and boot rack from the arrival of the new refrigerator in the first week of the month, so the house still looks like I just moved in, but no point in replacing things until the other appliances arrive.  I took advantage of a nice sale going on at one of the stores and faced the fact that replacing these items was long overdue.  At least all the snow had melted and the drive was clear for the delivery truck.  The phone call came from the driver/installer saying he was running about a half hour late (wow, he actually planned to be here at 9:00 a.m. as he originally said he would!) that there was a bevy of fire trucks and ambulances out on highway 480 out my way and he had just arrived at the store.  I said, no problem, just be safe.  Then I proceeded to move a few last minute items that might have been in the way.  A half hour later he called back to say that the hood for the stove had not arrived and might take a couple more days and it was my call if I still wanted him to deliver the rest of the purchases.  No, may as well wait for it all to be brought at the same time, so we re-scheduled.

My next call was to my friend Doris, whom I had written in for lunch on the last Wednesday of the month when I realized that the last Wednesday of the month is the stuffed cabbage dinner at the Knights of Columbus hall!  Yikes, that would be one too many good meals on one day, so of course, we changed that.

There is still about a week left this month and I am hopeful that March will go out like a lamb and my ups and downs, surprise cancellations and shifts in plans will level out to a smoother start of spring.


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