Cold Air Over Warm Water


The cold night air creeps into the room from the west wall of the house.  The thermostat in the dining room indicates that the indoor temperature remains at 64 degrees as I have set it to stay through the winter.  Wind curling around itself outside warns that the thaw is over now and the morning will find the rain has frozen as it falls to coat the neighborhood with a thin layer of snow until the recently re-warmed ground melts it.  I pull the fleece throw over my legs as I continue to read the most current book I’ve borrowed from the library, Circling the Sun, a novel by Paula Mc Lain, that I had seen reviewed on television with Barry Kibrick interviewing the author, perhaps a year and a half ago, maybe more.

After getting a cryptic e-mail message from a friend saying she had some bad news about her health, I called her Sunday saying, “Spill!”  She proceeded to tell me that while walking around in a grocery store earlier that week, she suddenly felt very pale and realized all was not well with her.  She did get some medical attention including a cat scan and was told she had had a TIA, small stroke, but thankfully had no symptoms or resulting disruptions in her appearance, so no one looking at her would have a clue that this happened to her.  Considering the family stress she’s been under, particularly in the last few years, I was not the tiniest bit surprised that the medical people also told her she had tachycardia.  She suffers intensely over things she has no control of and while she eats her fury because after a career in the medical field she knows too well what is going on with the defiant people in her life, she now has wrought upon herself the damage that has been building up.

This evening’s meal was stew, biscuits and salad at the Knights of Columbus Hall where I met up with Diane and Kay. We enjoyed the good dinner while chit chatting with the others around us as well as each other.  I always notice that these dinners are attended by mostly elderly.  Sigh.

On the way there I stopped to pick up a prescription refill and was quite shocked to find that instead of the usual $2.00 co-pay I got stuck with a nearly $29.00 co-pay.  Luckily this is one medication that is also available over the counter and while the prescription variety used to be cheaper, now it seems to have reversed, so I won’t be buying that any more.

A weatherman showed the small area on a map where Lake Erie actually has a small section frozen, near some islands off of Michigan and since the rest of the lake remains not frozen, we are subject to “lake effect snow” and this evening the conditions were right for what is currently called, a “wintry mix” as the gusting wind swirls the rain turning to snow into an unpleasant experience for anyone walking through it.  My plan was to attend the water aerobics class over at Estabrook after work, but a brief dash from the library to my snow covered car at six p.m. was enough for me to rethink those plans and head back home instead.  Too bad to miss the exercise but I was thankful to pull safely into my garage.  Whatever it was I went through in Parma did not follow me home.  The lawns were white but an hour later nothing was falling and the snow had melted.


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