January Thaw


Walking down the street into the hard wind I looked at all the bare trees, bark black from the night’s rains, the heavy dried leaves sounded like footsteps as they hit the pavement in passing.  The tall tan reeds of pampas grass bending in the strong wind though their fuzzy seed fronds never sheared from atop the dried out stems.  Shortly after I returned to the house, more rain came and when I turned the television on the weather alert banner running across the screen advised of flooding up in the snow-belt.  They said it will rain again tomorrow through most of the day.  I seem to be sandwiching events into the least weather active days, though I have had a couple of surprises in homeward commutes already this winter.

About half way up Canal Road the street was blocked off with a “high water” sign and I followed other cars across to Old Canal Road and up to the backside of Lockkeepers and back out to Canal to Rockside

This late January thaw has been a blessing for those of us reluctant to hit the roads in the icy and snowy weather.  I felt grateful to be able to participate in assorted holiday events and even just trips to church and going out to get things from the grocery store or filling up the gas tank of the car or meeting friends for a meal.

I picked up scraps of bark and twigs that had fallen from the Maple tree out front, tossing them into the trash bin, and turned the soil in the compost pot in the back yard, adding some peelings to the bottom of the wet heap.

After the vigil Mass yesterday I drove out to a small family style eatery on Pleasant Valley Road called Tony’s which is small and inconspicuous, right past a little shopping center, the food is good, especially the soup.  Their chicken noodle soup is the best I have ever had in a restaurant. Today the stuffed cabbage soup was thick and wonderful.  By the time I finished the salad I knew I’d be taking most of the main meal home in a box, this is definitely my new favorite place.

A week and a half ago I met Diane and Kay for lunch at a restaurant in Northfield called The Dolphin, which I had never been to before.  The food was good and the price was reasonable, so we will probably do that again, though the ladies had a good chuckle that I did not see the well-known landmark, a local casino, right on the same road and I managed to go two to three miles past the restaurant and only found it on my way back after having stopped and asked a couple of young fellows in a gas station for directions. They said, “…if you get to Mc Donald’s, you passed it.  You can’t miss it!”  I thanked them, but thought, well you really don’t know me.

Pressing west on Pleasant Valley after dinner at Tony’s, I pulled into the campus of the local junior college, Tri-C for the Cleveland Ufology Project meeting.  We all park in the handicap parking lot and gather in a classroom on the second floor.  There were quite a few new attendees today including Nick, a retired advisor from the Ameriprise office where I work.  We had talked about space related topics over the years and he always said he’d like to come to one of our meetings and this evening he actually showed up and said he will try to come again, depending on his family events, of course.

The new secretary for the club was unable to attend, so Aaron, the co-director, asked if I would take notes which I did and turned them in to him at the end of the meeting.  This group is not only interesting for the subjects discussed and the occasional guest speakers, they are another group of folks I am quite at ease with as I’ve been associating with a number of them for several years, they seem like extended family.


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