January Dinner


John and Colleen treated all of their employees and the spouses of those who have them to dinner Friday night.  John and his wife, Beth picked me up at the office a little after six p.m. and we seemed to sail through the network of highways until we arrived at a small residential looking establishment in Tremont, which one of John’s clients and a partner who had twenty-five years in the restaurant business opened in December.  This place had easy parking, unlike many other eateries in the highly popular area, so Beth and I went in while John parked the car.  We were guided to a room off the main section where we were soon mingling with others from the office.

The choices for the main entrée included a chicken dish, which Sharol who sat next to me, and with whom I desk share at the office, was the only one who made that choice; a couple folks picked the cod fish and the rest of us elected the petite filet mignon, which I have not had since I had it at Colleen’s wedding about six years ago.  For dessert the choices were chocolate flourless cake or Key lime tart in a chocolate cookie crust.  Key lime seems to be a very delicate flavor which I usually opt for when it appears on a menu.

I had to ask Colleen if she noticed in some news footage a few days earlier where Donald Trump was talking to and walking alongside Jack Ma and she had not seen it.  I was tickled to see that since about a year and a half ago I got quite excited about a company called Alibaba, which looked like the Chinese variety of Amazon, while watching a program called Biz USA.  I had called Colleen at 11:30 p.m. leaving her a voice message, saying tell me if I am really off the wall, but I think I’d like to get a few shares of that company.  The next day she did call me and she didn’t think I had completely flipped out, so I got a small amount and she felt it would not be too big a loss if it didn’t get off the ground.   Originally it looked like it might have been a mistake, but has since gone up in value to half again as much as I paid, so I smiled.

Besides being the date of a nice dinner out with co-workers, this was Inauguration Day for Donald John Trump, now the 45th President of America.  For some reason I had never seen the full production before, only snips on televised news reports.  So as I was having my morning coffee and toast, I was intrigued with all of the pomp and ceremony and traditions of the formal leaving of the outgoing White house occupants and the new President and First Lady waving them off from the Capitol stairs.  What I saw was quite formal and peaceful and impressive.  What I did not see was all the turmoil caused by protestors who had done some nasty damage including turning a car over and catching it afire over on K Street per one reporter, and there was more equivalent mischief elsewhere in the District of Columbia with at least 90 arrests, according to the news.

By the time the meal was consumed and everyone was hugging each other and saying goodnight, I was glad to have been included in the festivities and looking forward to returning to my quiet way of life.


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