The Gift of Song


Who doesn’t remember being on a crowded school bus belting out “Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer and if one of those bottles should happen to fall, ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall…”  and a long bus ride at least turned out to be more fun if not a bit shorter for the singing.

Through sixth, seventh and eighth grade at St. Clare parish in Mayfield Heights, Ohio where I grew up, all of the girls were automatically in the choir which sang regularly at the nine a.m. Mass on Sundays.  We sang Latin and English hymns, depending on the occasion and the season.  In fact, I recall singing being as regular a part of our school day as math, English, or history.  I’m not tone deaf, but neither am I musically gifted, and if a person near me was off key, so was I.

Music has always been a welcome source of serenity in my life and I took advantage of opportunities to hear good productions as often as possible and tried to introduce at least a love for it to both of my children, enrolling my daughter into the Suzuki School with a 1/16 violin when she was just two years old and while my son slept through a violin concert at their school when he was around seven, he later had his own band which rocked our neighborhood in Parma while he was in high school.

Viewing the assorted trailers while waiting for the last movie I had seen to begin, the animated film called SING was rolling various animals in costumes across a stage, each critter highly talented but stuck in some mundane role of existence, each with little hope of being discovered.

With the winter weather being hit and miss, I decided to stop at the cinema on the way back across town after a medical appointment and see what I could see since it was anybody’s guess when the weather would break again. I bought a ticket to see SING, then went inside, bought a hamburger and took it into the theatre to eat and wait through all of the ads and trailers and finally the movie began.

It was thoroughly enjoyable, definitely family fare, hilarious and delightful.  Each performer chosen to show his/her stuff was excellent and of course, won the hearts of the audience as each story unraveled.


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