Rogue 1


As a fan of Star Wars from the start, I knew I wanted to see the current film, Rogue One.  Thinking that even though Monday was a legal holiday and schools were probably still on break, because Mondays are senior discount days at the local Cinemark, I took out my gift card thinking I’d have a dollar or so left after paying for this film.  However, I actually got charged two dollars over the senior price for Mondays since this particular show would be in a special theatre.  The marquee indicates that particular theatre is for Xtreme Digital showings.  Since the size of the space was no different and I did not detect what might have been extreme about this version of the film, I would opt for other choices in the future.

Another new feature of attending any movie at this particular place is having to pre-select a seat, before going inside.  I think I prefer the old way of just going in and seeing where the fewest people are and pick my way as close as possible to the center about half way up.  But alas, time and change march on and looking at the chart for seating I chose C12.  Once inside in the semi-dark, I found aisle C and half way down the row, seat 12.  On the seating chart it was the only available choice in that section, but no one claimed the empty places on either side of me, which was fine with me.  Row C was also quite close to the front of the theatre instead of further up as it appeared on the outdoor chart.

The volume of the rebellion and screeching ships speeding into hyperspace kept me riveted to the action on the screen.  There were elements tying the scenes back to the original story, such as the blind warrior monk who constantly repeated, I am the Force, the Force is with me… the storm troopers and Lord Vader were all the identical figures that they were in the first movie as well.  There is also an almost cameo clip of Princess Leia as she was.  I expect I’m not the only one who caught her breath on that scene, almost as if someone making the movie got a premonition of its impact since Carrie Fisher’s death.

My knees were a bit wobbly leaving the theatre and a man leaning on his crutches offered me his hand as I slowly made my way down the stairs, which I did take and found helpful.  I thanked him and he faded into the background.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of Star Wars, Star Trek and Harry Potter any more than I can resist yet another version of Hamlet.


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