Change of plans

New Year's Day Pork (6).JPG

For several years I have spent New Year’s evening out at a cousin’s home staying overnight in order to avoid the heavy duty party-ers and to save me a trip of returning to join them for their annual pork and sauerkraut celebration of the New Year dinner.  They decided to have a bigger group over on New Year’s Day instead of our smaller two day visit.

This allowed me a leisure trip to my own parish for the vigil Mass at 4:30 p.m. and a stop at the Chinese restaurant I pass going back home.  I purchased a large portion of broccoli-shrimp and took it home to pour over the white rice in a bowl of my own.  The only disappointment was that the cellophane which usually encloses a fortune cookie was empty.  Hmmmm – no fortune cookie because there is no future for me?  No, I won’t go there. The food was delicious and I was stuffed.

After the meal and watching the evening news, I went to my computer where I wrote two essays for my blog and posted them.   The old saying about the way one spends New Year’s eve is how the rest of the year would go came to mind and I thought with contentment, that I would consider myself fortunate if that turned out to be true for 2017.

The next morning I felt relaxed and I did not dwell on the few nagging concerns which tried to get my attention.  The weather was chilly, but clear and sunny and the roads were dry.  I arrived at my cousin’s home about fifteen minutes after the scheduled dinner time, but no one else was there yet.  In time the others drifted in and we were sipping champagne and soon filling our plates from the assortment of foodstuffs on the island in the kitchen.  We settled around the dining room table where the aromas were intoxicating and the meal was wonderful.  Laughter and talking filled the air and time slipped away, and the first day of the New Year had been spent


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