a trace – or more


The weather forecasters dance around in front of the maps and talk about highs and lows, fronts and systems, watches and warnings.  Blue color is snow, green rain, white equals cloud cover.  A little snow mixed with rain, the real accumulation will be up in Ashtabula and along the lake and points east.  So I looked out of the window at the office and saw that the ground was dry and the sky color drab.  From work I stopped at the library for a short while and when I left that building the conditions had not changed except for the massive grey clouds overhead.

Between holidays and in need of exercise I went off to a Zumba class, leaving boots in the car as it was still dry outside.  However, when I stepped back out of the gym it was into wet heavy snow pouring down.  Leeta’s husband was there to pick her up and offering to drive me to my car in the parking lot behind the church, I thanked him saying I’d be okay, and I carefully made my way back through the gate to my car, Leeta had hopped into her seat and he did drive back to my car to make sure I got there safely, then he got out and helped brush all the snow off the passenger side of my car.  I threw my stuff into the back seat and was thankful to get inside and start the car and the wipers and defrosters and get going.

There was about an inch of the wet snow on the road and I headed to Rockside which has more traffic which makes me think all the tires should help clear a path on the road at the very least, but this came down so fast and so hard and of course wherever the plows were, they hadn’t gotten this far yet.  There were a couple of flashes of lightning which surprised me, followed by a loud clap of thunder.

Every winter this seems to happen at least once, when there is little or no indication that there will be more than a dusting of snow, like a time about three years ago when I left a ufology club meeting after ten p.m. and found snow up to my ankles and very poor driving conditions on Pleasant Valley Road.  That’s when I decided to take Rockside (parallel) in any future snowfalls.

Being on Rockside was not better.  On the steep hill heading down into Valley View it was not only very snowy, but by this point, which was about half way home for me, there was some ice under the snow.  I kept going and watching the cars around me, thankfully no one was going too fast, some had their hazard lights blinking as I managed to get around them and I felt like my prayers carried me up the hill, even though the car would slide right and then left.  I was reminded of the childhood ride of bumper cars where one is constantly turning the wheel to steer out of disaster.

It was a huge relief to pull into the garage that night no worse for the wear, but exhausted from the experience of getting home.


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