He’s gone…

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A walk on the wild side, after her thirty-five year marriage ended in divorce, my youngest aunt was ready for some fun and Dave was just the fellow to show her the way to lighten and brighten  up.  With a lifetime of skirts and suits behind her, he got her to adopt a more casual clothing look, took her to sports events, bought her the sweat shirts; they frequented the local cinema.

I remember seeing them at a restaurant where I was having dinner with a friend, and Dave sent a glass of wine to our table for each of us.  Another time I joined them for Thanksgiving dinner at Bob Evans and he insisted in picking up the tab for all of us.

Before 9-11-01 when I went to the airport to pick up my father when he, my aunt and my niece returned from Europe, I found Dave sitting in the chairs at the gate we expected them to arrive at and I said, “…since I see you, I know I’m in the right place.”

Of course they had their moments, and one time she walked out and slept in her office instead of spending that night with him.  For a while she kept a separate apartment and eventually she bought a small house of her own.

When she adopted her youngest granddaughter as an infant, she moved in with Dave and he helped her to raise the child whom he loved like she was his own little princess.  Although he wanted marriage and pointed out that he had insurance, she still resisted and always entertained the thought of running away from the relationship.

When I came home from my day’s business yesterday there was a message from my Uncle, her elder brother, explaining what little information he had gotten, that when she and her granddaughter came home at the end of their day, the child had gone into the house and ran back out saying, “…something’s wrong, his eyes aren’t moving!”

This morning I called my aunt and her voice was hollow and dazed and she said she thought about all those gallons of milk she bought and how he carried them so she didn’t have to.  She said, “…now I don’t have to run away.”


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