Pressure Cooker


To say that this was a radically different and volatile presidential campaign would certainly be an understatement.  Early on I could not keep watching the sparing and belittling and finally I stopped listening to the television at all for the two days before Election Day.

There are people who did not vote at all, preferring not to choose the lesser evil.  After it was all said and done the news people said that many people voted not so much FOR a candidate, as AGAINST the opposing one.

I felt dogged by all the references to Susan B. Anthony and those who suffered greatly to get women the vote, and all the rhetoric about how amazingly fortunate we are to have the privilege to vote and how it is our civic duty.  Even the Doctor Oz show analyzed the percentage of stress people suffered over the apprehension about the political drama.  Oh, the responsibility!

The week before, I made a remark about closing my eyes and picking one, to which one of the ladies at the Word Lovers Retreat, said “…go ye devil away! ” and another said, “You have to vote for Hillary!”

On Tuesday, November 8th, I left the house an hour earlier than I normally do to go to the office, prayed all the way that I would make the right choice, brought my cane in case I had to stand in long lines, carried my umbrella to the polling table where the woman looked at my driver’s license to determine “…if you really are who you say you are…” and to my relief there were no lines at all.  They seem to have everything under control, and I even got to sit down to fill out my ballots.

As I read the choices and focused on my potential answers, I tried to be honest in my thoughts about what I want for our country and tried to comprehend what each candidate was really presenting and was it all as it seemed.  Once I finished and headed back out to my car, umbrella open in the rain, I felt enormously relieved that my part of the task was done and I could go on with my regular Tuesday agenda.


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