No News Today


The world must have stopped turning.  At least here in Cleveland, Ohio all three of the news channels, while they deigned to squeeze in a weather report, had nothing to say this noon that was not related to the World Series baseball game that is scheduled for this evening.   All the newsworthy information they could think of was related to this game, the people playing, the people attending, the cost of parking raised to highway robbery prices – because they can, how to avoid driving downtown and every possible public transportation.  Granted, in the great scheme of things, winning this game would put Cleveland back on the sports maps of the world and that is prospect enough to make fans crazy happy.

Perhaps it is a break from the tedium of day to day business, go to work, come home, prepare and consume dinner, or let someone else do the work and eat out, as the budget may allow.  It is a way of closing our eyes to what is going on in the rest of the world, the wars, the migrants fleeing from wars, our twisted perspective on what those frazzled and frightened people drag with them wherever they may land.  We can escape reality for a while and big business encourages that with all of the hype and promotion of sports, certainly here.

At the end of the games, at the end of the partying, there is the clean-up and what distraction can we focus on next in order to keep from dealing with what is really going on in the world.

Oh there were a few blurbs about the chaos and circus like activities about the coming election for a new president, which thus far has been like watching mud wrestling.  The nasty transactions between the competing parties is really shameful and I cannot help but wondering what goes on in the minds of people in other countries who had great respect for the top office in this country.

Soon these two events will be history and all the political junk mail and annoying phone calls about voting one way or another will ease up until the next time around.


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