Iowa Ladies

at Bedford Viaduct.JPG

Four strong willed ladies left Iowa in a gold colored van and headed east en route to Niagara Falls last Sunday.  Two of them I met back in June of 2015 on the cruise to the Greek Isles and subsequently met with in Iowa City when I went there to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival.  This past July Lu Ann had a family wedding in Nebraska when I arrived and so I only visited with Dorothy.  But last week they and two of their friends stopped in Independence and I found them at their hotel and led them off to have a brief look at the area I call home.  Since this part of Ohio is very scenic I wanted to show off some of our local waterfalls, but we only got to two of them along with a stop at St. Monica’s church which was along the way.

They knew Father Ted from that same cruise and were eager to see the church where he lives and works.  It was locked, as most churches are these days due to vandalism which has become too common.  However, the cook at the rectory saw us and came out to see if something was going on she didn’t know about, and when we all began explaining, she offered to let us into the church and the ladies were quite happy to go inside, have a short visit, light a candle or two and asked the cook to give Fr. Ted, who was off site at the moment, their hellos and she was kind enough to do so.

After the second falls, the ladies were tuckered out and ready to head back to their hotel for happy hour and they wanted me to join them, so I did.  We sat there and relaxed for about an hour and then they invited me to help them eat a picnic basket repast that one of the ladies had packed for the trip.  We spent another hour munching, crunching and enjoying the varied assortment of goodies and by then I was as tired as they were.

The next morning they were thinking of spending a little time downtown in Cleveland to see what they could see, or not, before going on with their trip.  I did receive a couple of E-mails from Dorothy saying they loved their little visit and they had seen Niagara Falls twice before motoring on to a condo they rented up in Maine.



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