Bits and Pieces


The ufology group e-mail brought a message from one of the members informing us about a one night only showing of the Oliver Stone movie, Snowden, to be followed by a skype type of interview with Edward Snowden in Moscow and the actors who played him and his girlfriend along with Oliver Stone, on this side of the world.

The movie begins with Edward in training for the Special Forces in the U.S. Army and portrays him as what might be considered an extreme patriot.  When he was going through maneuvers he managed to break a leg bone in six places and ended up in the hospital where he was told he’d be getting discharged from the army because if he ever landed on that leg forcefully again the bone would crumble.

He applied for work at the CIA and was hired because of his phenomenal computer skills and his continuing belief that America is the greatest country in the world.  His idealism took some hits and when he saw tactics being used that were ruthless at best, he resigned from the CIA.

Exactly what kind of personal strength does it take to stand up for what is right and not buckle under the pressure to perform actions which may harm people as collateral damage?

Eventually he returned to work at the CIA with assorted off site assignments (listed in Wikipedia) until he could no longer tolerate all that he had seen and learned.  Now still in exile in Russia, he is, in my opinion lucky to be alive and while he still hopes to be granted a presidential pardon, I do not think he would be long for this world back here.   One crack pot or another might take him out, or he might mysteriously die.   On the other hand, if he ceases to be of some use in Putin’s bag of tricks, he may not be safer there.

Every day the world changes, but now we know, thanks at least in part to Snowden, that there is no place to hide.  We willingly give away our privacy in bits and pieces, by simply carrying a cell phone, sending/receiving e-mail, being active in the world of twitter and posting no end of the most personal and intimate information on social media.


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