like an ordinary man…


Prince Charles, now a man in his late sixties, was viewing home movies taken by his parents when he was a toddler and the Prince was chuckling at his antics and enjoying the memories.  Apparently he had only found the films recently.

Having seen so many films of various stages of the British Monarchy and its grand celebrations, I was intrigued to see these for the first time and I enjoyed seeing Charles like a normal man, as he referred to his mother as “Mamma” instead of her highness or a more formal version of Mother.

In a later film he was being titled “Prince of Wales” by his mother, the Queen.  He was twenty-one, and from my current perspective, looked so young.

He was clearly touched as he narrated the videos and later paged through a photograph album, like we all had in the 1950s though more perfectly mounted than my own, of black and white pictures, and said how he wished his grandfather lived longer so he could have gotten to know him better.

Not too long ago I saw a documentary also about Prince Charles in which he displays quite a few of his fine water color studies.  Before I saw that I did not realize how talented he was in that art, and in the film he mentioned others in the royal family also gifted with this talent.

Yet another time I saw a film in which he was out and about and relating to the common man, blue collar workers and saw him as a very down to earth fellow concerned about his people.  I was glad to have a softer view of this man who will never be king himself, but whose son is expected to follow Queen Elizabeth as sovereign ruler.

It is good to look at Prince Charles apart from other stories about the Monarchy and apart from the tragic history that the late Princess Diana played in his life.


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