Three of three


Things seem to happen in threes, at least major things.  When my second cousin, John passed on I shuddered, thinking that he was the first of the current three.  While I was in Iowa the news came about another death and mentally I made a second x and sighed.  When that was all attended to and my day to day routine took on what I think of as a normal pace, I got a voice message from my second cousin, Marilyn, who had informed me about John.  At first I imagined she called to suggest a get together to visit her mom as she had suggested a few weeks earlier.  The reason for the call was in reference to her mom, but to tell me she had passed on.  Number three, I thought.

Mary was 96.5 years old to the day and her long slow aging and fading process had ended the generation of my father’s cousins on his mom’s side of the family.  It is truly the end of an era.

Thoughts surfaced about how much fun my Aunt Millie had bumming around with Mary, the two of them usually lost as they drove off into the wider world.

I remembered a time when she called me and Alexander picked up the phone and with annoyance handed it to me saying “…she said WHO is this?  Why can’t she just ask, is Rosemarie there?”  Later I tried to smooth over his ruffled feathers saying, “Alexander, she knew I moved here with two little kids and you have the voice of a grown man!  She was just surprised, hearing you when you answered the phone.”

Marilyn asked me to notify our segment of the family, as she had her hands full with hers.  She did want to point out that friends made sure Mary was wearing the brown scapular as well as the green one (brown is traditional and the green one is newer, worn in hoping of conversion of the wearer), that she had a prayer blanket, something I had not previously heard of, and that someone was with her toward the end at all times so she was never alone.

On Facebook our family has a group page, so I did post all the information Marilyn gave me so anyone in the family who might remember her and be interested in attending the services, could do so.  I also made a few phone calls to a couple of people who might not notice the information on the Facebook page.

Another chapter of our ancestry is closed.


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