The Fourth of July



After an enjoyable and lazy Sunday afternoon eating and visiting with my cousin Maryann, her family and some of their friends I returned home and decided a short walk would be a good idea.  As I approached the second block down our street I saw some bright fireworks and I stopped to watch.

When my children were young I made the effort to drive to local parks for their pyroclastic events, but the long lines of traffic heading home finally wore thin and by that time the children became teenagers and preferred their friends as company so I was off the hook.

Even though this area is uphill from the nearest town to the west I’ve never been able to see any of the colorful fireworks though I could certainly hear blast after blast each year, so it was a treat to see some really fancy ones down the street.

This afternoon a fine steady rain fell for about three hours which the lawns, trees and flowers were sorely in need of and I felt that wetting things down before the evening fireworks just made sense.  I joined some cousins up from South Carolina and Georgia and in from Michigan and when the rain began, we pulled our chairs into the garage where we continued to sit, chew the fat and do more of nothing, which I found a most agreeable way to pass the time.  Just sitting there and chuckling now and then, having another cup of coffee with wedges of a little cake that was brought out from the kitchen counter and watching the daylight disappear was excitement enough for us.

It was eight p.m. when I got back home and opened up my bedroom window to let some of the cooled off air in and to see a few more of those spectacular fireworks from a street over, as another fourth of July drew to a close.



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