Tossing the ads

Woman with Shopping Bags --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The sheaf of local advertisements that arrive weekly fills up the whole mailbox.  I carefully scoop up the clump and drop it into the paper recycling box just inside the garage.  My “shopping” these days is limited to purchasing food for about ten days, with an occasional extra jaunt when it may be necessary.

There is really nothing I need to go shopping for anymore. When my children were at home I was always looking for bargains on clothing for them and myself; after moving around the country and condensing the contents of my parents last home, my house is packed with furniture and all things it takes to be reasonably comfortable within four walls and a roof.

I stopped buying new clothes when I lost my last full time job and at the same time my favorite clothing shop went out of business.  Now and then I still acquire new items either from a cousin, or a friend, but otherwise I gave away a mountain of clothing about ten years ago and still have enough left to fill all the closet space in the house.  With the assorted activities and mix of people I feel I can wear something that each group has either not seen before, or so much time goes by since I last brought it out that they have forgotten it.

I do have friends in my age group who are still shopping and buying things so I save certain ads I know they can use and pass them on.  Meanwhile I find I am re-directing my discretionary funds into traveling or simpler lines of entertainment, like a good movie, or a meal out with friends.


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