Fat Lip


I came home after the Mohs Procedure with a “fat lip” due to the numbing medicine injections as well as from the surgery itself.  At first I objected to having to go through this process at all since I had Basal Cell Cancer moles removed before and been quite done with them once the removal was performed.  However, the doctor’s office said, that since this particular varmint was pretty deep and on my face, they felt it should be done.  With a sigh of resignation I agreed to endure it.

The surgeon today said that part of the reason for doing this after the previous 3 biopsies on the same location is that no two basal cells are alike.  Some grow back and can be very aggressive.  I didn’t realize there could be that much variation.  It was with some trepidation I entered the office, but in a very short time the high level of competence of the nurses as well as the surgeon cleared away the cobwebs in my head and while I cannot say I relaxed, I at least got converted and felt that I was in good hands.

After their in-house lab analyzed the material he had taken out, the doctor announced that they got it all.  In seven days I have to go back and have the stitches removed.  He said the swelling will persist until at least then.

There will be a vertical line scar from under my nose to the top of my lip which will not go away.  I guess it will be one of those badges to attest to my survival of one of life’s many battles.


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