Talking Pots and Pans


Sitting across from one another at his kitchen table, my cousin Tom and I were talking about pots and pans and examining each as he pulled one after another out of a cupboard.  He is a good cook and has taken on the chore as often as not in the business of meal preparation for their family over the many years of their marriage.   A less seasoned cook could hardly qualify to discuss the benefits of one type of cookware over another, but we compared notes and I came away determined to add yet another mid-sized ceramic coated frying pan to my own collection.

As Tom and his wife are both cancer survivors, he is keenly aware of pans which have non-stick surfaces that are dangerous to human health.

For many years I have used a stainless steel soup pot, large sauce pan, 2 small sauce pans and 2 small frying pans and one very large frying pan good for making a full meal in.  However, as the years have added up, I have found the largest frying pan too heavy and have not used it in a few years.  That is also because I am only feeding one.  The smaller pans are not hard to clean but are far from the non-stick level and I have spent more hours than I care to recall scouring such delicacies as burnt mac and cheese, or rice, oh my, I have known people to throw out a whole pan in such an event, but alas, the quality and expense of the pan prohibited that, but the work certainly seemed like a huge waste of time.

One tiny helpful hint I heard about that really does seem to work on with these burnt food experiences is to take a wad of aluminum foil and rub it with a good amount of elbow grease and a little water to the mess and that really is effective.  Not burning food into a pan is a much better solution.


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