Where did you go?


It was my intention to spend this lovely sunny dry afternoon exploring a park I had recently heard about and not been to yet.  However, I remained a bit spooked out from the information shared at the ufology group last evening based on five books thus far compiled by David Paulides, called Missing 411, about numerous cases of people who simply disappeared into thin air while out hiking.

The ages range from two on up to the elderly and even handicapped individuals. One strong, healthy, survivalist well trained in bow hunting and equipped with a bow and rifle disappeared from a very remote area up in Alaska where he went to hunt.  His bow was found leaning against a tree and all of his possessions were left behind and the tent either collapsed or was taken down in preparation for leaving.  The plane which was scheduled to pick him up came and did not find him so reported him missing.

While missing persons reports are made, the parks do not keep records of who is coming and going on their grounds.  It was the friends of the survivalist who went looking for him and turned up with what was found in his camp.

The people who disappear are often alone, or gone ahead of their group, or the straggler tailing his or her group.  Often the victim is wearing a bright color (like red) and many of the walkers are out in the early afternoon.  Sometimes a few days up to two weeks after the disappearance, the body is found in an area that had already been searched.  The victim usually has some clothes and at least one shoe and one sock missing.  There is always an autopsy when a body is found, but the common cause of death offered to the public is exposure, even in warm areas, or if the body is found in or near water, the cause of death is drowning.  So what really happened?

Among the few who have disappeared and lived to go on with their lives, some little children were too young to talk, others said they saw a big black bear, dog or black man.  (Bigfoot??) Others were too disoriented to be able to talk about their experience.  Could they have stepped across the portal to a different time?

The presenters of the information emphasized that one should simply not go walking alone.


One thought on “Where did you go?

  1. I mostly worry about you rolling backwards in a big from taking pictures with a bit of a lean… Now you have raised the bar..

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