…in my heaven…


Late this morning as I sipped coffee and munched toast I watched Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick and Well Read with Terry Tazioli and Maryann Gwinn.  As usual both have more information than I can scribble between bites onto a note pad that I now keep on the couch in front of the television for the specific purpose of writing down authors and titles of books I am inspired to read and sometimes musician’s names from Tavis Smiley’s shows that I happen upon.

Today’s feature on the second program was Geraldine Brooks.  I had never even heard of her until the lady I sat next to at the South Euclid Library presentation of our Ohio Poet Laureate, showed me a book by this writer and spoke glowingly of her work.   Of course I added her to my ever growing list of must reads.

Now I am thinking that even if I spent every spare minute when I am not bogged down with one chore or another, or trying to keep up some scrap of contact with fellow humans, I may not live long enough to read even close to all of those books.  Of course that prospect launches me into a plane of wishful thinking.

Alas, my concept of heaven is that I will travel in my compact self-driving car from my comfortable cottage in a grand meadow surrounded by fields of wild flowers, poppies, roses, butter cups, daisies, irises and numerous others, to a fine little library.  Inside I will settle into an overstuffed chair (so much easier to do since I will no longer be riddled with arthritis) and the library page will bring me a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy while I begin to read as I do every day, until it is time to join the others (authors, old friends, dear ones from other lifetimes) in the foyer for champagne and a lovely repast.

From there we will all re-group for church services, Gregorian chants, visits with angels, saints and then slowly make our way to a great dining hall for a majestic meal presided over by God in His three persons.  Once or twice a week I will transport, riding on the wind, to visit with people I have loved in this dimension, for their ideas of heaven may bring us to a fabulous seaside where we might ride horses along the beach, swim in the waves without worry of drowning, and end the days sipping wine watching breathtaking sunsets.

There will still be time for me to spend at my painting studio where I will design wonderful fabrics for glorious robes and material for household uses.  There will also be long walks through the fine gardens managed and arranged by all who loved and so enjoyed working with flowers, trees, fruit and vegetable bearing plants.

Since I cannot comprehend the vastness of eternity, I know there will be time for trekking along the mountain sides and floating among the galaxies to get photographs of heavenly scenery.

Meanwhile, back here, I plod along as best I can trying to be grateful for all that I am able to do, see, and read.


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