Verbal Abuse


I felt sad last evening when I heard that someone in my extended family took it upon herself to aggressively express her uninvited opinion about an event to which not only is not everyone in the family being invited, but to which children are not welcomed, all due to financial constraints.

The hurt feelings that were understandably generated could have so easily been avoided.  Once nastiness is out of the mouth, it cannot be retracted and it may take years to repair the damage, if that is even possible.

Earlier in the day I had read an article in which a bit of rudeness to, of all people, Mother Theresa had occurred and her friend was furious about it and asked the sainted woman how she put up with it and Mother Theresa simply said, “…there are many kinds of poverty…”  I guess that is the difference between a saint and the rest of us struggling to move through the transgressions we encounter from one day to the next.  It certainly takes a strength most of us live a lot of years and do not develop to actually simply “turn the other cheek.”

Along the same lines, there is a woman who traveled with us to Rome in February who got herself into a tizzy for some reason and began to verbally lash out at her roommate, who resolved the situation by having the hotel put her into a different room for the few days remaining of the trip and at the leader of the group who is a thoroughly joyous individual who wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything.

The abusive woman would emote her feelings to any one near her and one time I simply pulled my roommate out of a stuck audience by saying “come on!” and we left.  Another time one of the priests standing behind her was waving his arms and mouthing “You don’t have to listen to that!”

My overall impression about her, and others who are so driven, is that she is a sad little person.


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