That’s Odd

odd duck

When things happen that do not seem to add up to anything normal I do spend time mulling over why they happen.

It was night when I was driving east on Rockside Road close to Canal Road when a large dog crossed the street and was lumbering along right across my path.  I jammed on my brakes and the tires screeched as I barely missed hitting the pooch.  It was heading toward the parks that line the canal and coming from where?  Unless someone had been walking with it on the tow path and it took off without its owner, a long red leash was dragging along with it, I could not guess why else a dog would be there.  This is not a residential area and while deer are common violators of simply stepping out into the traffic, it was the first time I saw a dog trotting along there.

This past Tuesday evening driving south on Broadview Road in Seven Hills going to Hennie’s house on my way from Zumba, I planned to pull into St. Columbkille Church’s driveway, which dips low since a week earlier I was in the wrong lane to turn there and missed getting a photo of a spectacular pink-red sun setting into a treeline.

The sunset this evening was not out of the ordinary, but I took a picture anyway since I was there.  Then I noticed that the weeping cherry trees behind the church looked quite pretty with the fading sunlight glowing on them so I was walking toward them when a car stopped next to me and a young woman said, “Excuse me, do you know if the chapel is open until eight this evening?”  I said I had no idea as I was not one of the parishioners, I only stopped there to get a picture of the sunset and she said she’d done that.  In a matter of seconds we were talking like two old chums – she saying she is Slovak and my saying that I am as well and the conversation zigged and zagged and she told me about a nearby park I had never been to and I told her about the ufology club I’m part of and that spurred more talking and I began thinking of Hennie wondering what happened to me.  In the end I gave her my name, phone and e-mail address on a post-a-note and took her name and phone and said, “let’s keep in touch.”

If I had not turned into the driveway I would not have met Nancy.  How many times in the last few years I simply drove on down Broadview to Hennie’s street so I was struck with the peculiarity of the situation and thought I was meant to meet her.  I did end up calling and leaving her a message about the UFO club meeting this past Saturday evening but she did not call back and she was not at the meeting, so I just let it go as one of those odd things that happens with no explanation or clear reason.


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