Noises in the night


This house, which I bought exactly sixteen years ago makes lots of peculiar noises. The first thought would be that it is settling.  However, I’d think a house which was built fifty some years ago, should be settled by now.  Sometimes I go prowling around in search of what fell or caused the noise I am certain I heard.  One time it was one of the large thick metal springs on the garage door that had just given up the ghost.  I could see the culprit dangling from its former position.  At least that was plausible and so I was able to say, okay, I get that.

But often there are little thumps or klunks and I hear these noises when the house is quiet, like when I am sitting and reading.   I have walked around the house, into the basement and looked out nearby windows to no avail.

One time I was lying on a mat on the floor next to my bed doing some exercises when a folded flannel sheet printed with assorted angels fell off of a shelf in the clothes closet about three feet away and landed beside my head.  That was really weird.  There were no vibrations shaking the doors or anything in the closet – I checked the cd player on the other side of the wall in the next room and since the music was playing softly, I felt that was not the cause.  Still a mystery.

For the last two years, every time the wind is very strong there is a sputtering noise which seems to be coming from above the window in my bedroom and my friend Ramona’s boyfriend was actually up on the roof trying to figure out what it was and found nothing and when my cousin Tom was here a week ago I asked him about it too since it would be very inconvenient to have something falling off the house in the middle of the night and no one I could call then for help.  Tom had a good look and said it might be a loose window, but otherwise there is nothing he could see.  That made sense since I do believe the screen to that window is a bit loose.

Somehow I was a bit unnerved last night when I heard a distinctive crack and a little later another noise.  Of course it was raining, windy and dark and I was not about to go hunting.  Today I did a walk around outside and thankfully found nothing.

There were a few pieces of cracked small branches under the tree across the street which could have been the source of that noise.  The windows and screens were in place and nothing was on the ground that wasn’t supposed to be there.


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