Late spring freeze

daffs in sno

Daffodils are waving in the rain and the tulip magnolias are in their glory.  Iris leaf blades have pushed through the surface of the ground standing four to six inches tall. The carpets of crocus were very short lived this year due to the temps dropping low after they were in bloom.  Forsythia brightens up the very brown of early spring, but this night will bring a frost which will take the color out of the tulip magnolias, though the daffodils have survived snow in the past.  The frosts left all of the tulip magnolias not just tinged in brown, but completely dead and the usually hardy daffodils slumped, their petals translucent, the life and normal thickness drained.

Pushing the grocery cart toward my car I was glad to have finished errands as the snow was lightly falling.  Thankful to be so close to home and with fresh fruit for the coming week I unloaded things and put them away, deciding to bake a pizza that had been in the freezer.

At six a.m. I woke and looked out my bedroom window and saw the snow had fallen and lay like puffy quilts on the lawns and roofs but by seven a.m. there was a fog of snow and the streets and walks were also white.  Nope.  Not a day I’d be heading out for a morning meeting.


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