Ohio’s Poet Laureate


Dothead by Amit Majmudar

Among the e-mail information flyers I seem to be getting almost every week was one  inviting interested parties to attend a poetry reading at the new South Euclid library introducing us to Amit Majmudar, the first ever Ohio Poet Laureate.  I am quite pleased that Ohio has caught up with other states all sporting such a title.  I signed up to attend and forwarded the flyer on to my Zumba friend Barb, who is really well read in poetry and in fact she knew his work, while I had never even heard of him.  Zumba Barb and her friend, Barb too, saved me a seat between them and in seconds we were busy chatting about books they purchased that morning at the Lakewood Library book sale.

When the Poet Laureate arrived in the meeting room I was first struck that he reminded me somewhat of Daniel Radcliff of Harry Potter fame, and then as he spoke about growing up in Mayfield Heights, where I also grew up, I grew more attentive and by the time he recited his poetry we were all glued in place.  He has written a couple of novels and two books of poetry so far and is a Radiologist by profession and his lovely wife, their children, and his parents were all present to support him, which was certainly a thoughtful touch of a close family.

Afterwards I got Barb too to shoot a photo of me next to Mr. Majmudar which I posted in the evening into Facebook where it got 16 likes, so far.

Although it felt like there was SO much more to talk about with the Barbs I had to get back on the road to take care of my next business was getting to my parish church for the Saturday vigil Mass where I also wanted to empty my recycle box of paper and turn in my donations for the month as well as my Mass Intention check for Dick Foy.

It was snowing when I left the library and by the time I came out of the church it was sleeting hard and I was so very glad to get home.  My head was bubbling over with all of the day’s activities.


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