Let the Holy Anthem rise!


From the noon Mass at St. Monica’s Church I came home and made a fruit salad with fresh strawberries, sliced bananas, cut up pear, canned pineapple and mandarin oranges and a can of tropical fruit.  I loaded that along with a bag of washed jelly jars to give my cousin Jerry’s wife, Debbie, who makes jelly every summer, my camera, and got into the car and drove out to my cousin Maryann’s home.  It was a lovely sunny day and Mark, Maryann’s son, came out to help carry things into the house.  Everyone else was already there and aromas from the kitchen were most agreeable.

We soon sat at the dining room table and ate a grand dinner while catching up on events of each other’s lives.  Then in the front room we relaxed while the meal settled before we went back for coffee and dessert.

By seven p.m. I was back at home and took some items from the garage and placed them into the trunk of the car for my cousin, Tom.  Things I have not used in a very long time and do not foresee using again, like an old shovel, rake, small hose, and a bird feeder, which Tom could use or he might pass on to one of his children, all of whom, own their own houses now.

Minutes later I was back on the road heading west and after pulling into their drive and unloading the items I brought along, I heard Tom say, “Rose is here!”  He came out and helped me up the stairs and into the kitchen.

It was nice to see the family there and to visit.  Pretty soon the others were all leaving and while I stayed on a little longer, Tom reminisced about the times he spent with our grandfather.  He told his brother-in-law that he’d been cleaning fish since he was five years old when our grandfather taught him.  I was just out of high school when our grandfather wanted to teach me to do that, but one whiff of the fish was enough to send me rushing back up the stairs.  I never did learn that art.


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