March rolls on


From the Ides of March and the annual return of the Buzzards to Hinckley, Ohio, time has pulled us through the sputtering pages of the calendar like wind blowing the lint-like dandelion seeds through the air of springtime. Saint Patrick’s Day with the annual parade in Cleveland, entertained half a million people downtown this year. We do not dye our river green like they do in Chicago, but festivities, corned beef and cabbage dinners, and drinking green beer is traditional even among those of us only Irish for the day.

The Friday Fish Frys are over for another year, Palm Sunday here and gone, this week we find ourselves winding down the Lenten season with Holy Week and all of the last minute preparations for Easter.

The unseasonably warm weather of two weeks ago slipped away with yesterday’s rain and the temperatures dropped into night somewhere in the 20s. Don’t put away the flannel or winter gear just yet. Even though the crocus purple, yellow and white has broken ground and daffodils are getting tall, it isn’t quite here yet. The last two days were so chilly I saw no reason to be out and about, so I hunkered down and cooked rice and curry and spent every spare minute in the Alexandra Fuller memoir until the last page and a sigh to be finished with it. An interesting story, but there is a stack of others waiting to be read.


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