Since we last talked…


It is not unusual for me to hear nothing from my cousin Maryann for a month and then we talk and agree to meet for lunch and then we spend time filling in the blanks. Since her mom, my Aunt Elizabeth, passed away things have been quiet so I was a little surprised when she called me and said she had made a trip to the Emergency Room earlier in February. When she had begun to feel uncomfortable, she called her daughter, Becky, who is a nurse, and described her symptoms. Becky said she’d better head to the ER. So her son, Mark, zipped out to Cleveland Heights and took her. It just turned out that she was dehydrated and after giving her an IV and getting her back to where she needed to be, they sent her on her way.   She was fine by the time we went to The Coffee Cup in Bedford, a local favorite and one of few remaining mom and pop restaurants, to enjoy one of their omelets and I noticed that she had a bottle of water in the car. Staying hydrated is now one of her priorities.

It might have been a week or so after that when my sister, whom I do talk to a few times each month called to let me know that they got a new phone number and oh by the way, she also had made two trips to their local Urgent Care center after having some flu like symptoms with nausea and gas. I asked her what she had and she said they really did not identify her problem, but they gave her a pill to stop the throwing up and that worked very well. So she doesn’t know what it was but the physician’s assistant who tended her said that usually people drink a lot of fluids when they get flu symptoms, but she said since nothing stays down, that is only defeating the purpose; to only take small sips to see if the liquid will stay down. Fortunately she’s been fine since then, but I guess we are now getting to an age where we cannot really assume that no news is good news and we need to keep better tabs on each other, just in case.



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