Primary Tuesday


Tomorrow is the Republican primary election in Ohio which will determine if our governor, John Kasich, will continue on in his bid for the Presidency, or if he will lose Ohio and be dropped from the roster. I like John Kasich better than all of the other candidates put together, though I do not think he will make it to the end. Normally I am not much interested in politics, and I generally subscribe to my father’s old line, “Never vote for an incumbent. Vote the old crooks out and let the new crooks have a turn.”

While all along I have considered Donald Trump something of a buffoon, now I see him as a serious threat. Heaven help us. What surprises me is how many people actually support him as a candidate for the presidency. He is a Harvard graduate and clearly a very highly successful businessman, but I think his blunt manner and tactless comments could easily trigger that jerk in North Korea to lob a bomb at us without a moment’s hesitation. A man who would order his own uncle killed is about as ruthless as they get, I think.

That is not to say that I too, could not easily succumb to the charisma of Mr. Trump, and if I met him in person and shook hands with him, I expect I would be charmed, but this man for the president of these United States? What about Bernie Sanders, a known socialist? A socialist as president of a democracy? (or what was originally a democracy!)

The other two remaining Republicans, Rubio and Cruz do not seem strong enough to outweigh Trump. Ben Carson, after he dropped out said he would support Trump because what we see of the man is not all there is. It is beginning to look like anybody really can become President in America.


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