I’ll be fine…


One would think one should know better by my age. Last Tuesday it was warm enough to go outside without wearing a jacket, and I tossed a light one in the back seat of the car, but did not wear it to the office, nor into Zumba, and though I was perspired after the class, did not yet put the jacket on. I stopped to pay for and pump gasoline and then grabbed the jacket as I went into my friend Hennie’s house to visit before heading home for the evening. We always call a premature warmth while it is still winter, pneumonia weather. The air had cooled off and by the time I headed home, wearing the jacket, I did not realize that I was on my way into a miserable sore throat.

On Wednesday my throat was pretty sore, worse than it has been since I went to Ireland in 2011. Of course I immediately went into my regular sore throat drill, made a cup of tea with honey, lemon juice and a dash of whiskey. I also plastered my throat with Vick’s salve and wrapped a large handkerchief around it and thought I’d best not go to the water exercise class, but stay home and watch television, which I did. I thought I’d be fine the next day, but no, so I called the office and thought I’d best not come in. Friday I was sounding hoarse but kept my scheduled appointment with my regular medical doctor and after checking that I had done all the tests she prescribed for me on my last visit she looked at my throat to be sure I did not have strep and was satisfied that I did not. She recommended an allergy pill since my nose seemed to be running a lot recently. I stopped at the drug store to get that and a bottle of Nyquil, which always does help. By the time I got home I knew I would not be attending the Friday Fish Fry and that Diane had plans with her daughter and her friend, Kay was also doing something with her daughter, so, I stayed home and later assembled a nice big green salad for dinner.

Saturday I walked down to St. Martin’s Church in the round for the vigil Mass. Luckily I brought a bottle of water which came in handy to keep me from coughing too wildly during the service. It was my intention to attend the group reconciliation on Sunday at St. Therese, about half way between St. Martin’s and my parish, Sts. Peter and Paul, but I felt so miserable and tired, I did not go anywhere.

In the evening my cousin, Theresa called me to catch up and in no time we were giggling, as usual. She said that her brother, Tom, mentioned that since his younger daughter, Kristie, would be paying for her own wedding, not everyone in the family would be invited. Theresa pointed out that she had to order airline tickets now for the July event, so if it turned out that she came to town and was not invited to the wedding, she would be having her own tailgate party in the churchyard and she would bring a big pair of binoculars so she could look into the church and see the wedding. I was howling and told her she is really wicked. She had said she was becoming more like her father (my Uncle Alfons from Munich) every day – I said when I see her wearing Hawaiian print shirts and riding a motorcycle like he did to have a pint with his friends at the local pub the day after he came home from the hospital, where he had some heart surgery, I would know that was so.

So, speaking of Tom, I said I would be going to see him because I needed his help with a small frying pan in which I had cooked some Italian sausages and I pressed the lid down when the remaining two sausages were steaming and the lid was jumping around and then I couldn’t get the lid off. I turned the pan over and pounded on the bottom, I tried prying it off, and I ended up putting the whole thing into the freezer hoping that would help, but so far it has not, so I know I will have to take it to Tom and ask him to help me. Theresa was laughing so hard her husband asked who she was talking to. She said most people would just throw the pan out, but I said I knew Tom would not do that since once before I had a frying pan, a good copper bottomed one that I believe the handle had come off of, and I gave it to him because he said he could fix it and use it in his camping trips.


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