Author Talks at the Library


To call Alexandra Fuller wry would be putting a gentle twist to her tongue in cheek perspective.  A petite lady, she talks about her childhood in Africa and how her elder sister Vanessa was deliberately illiterate causing chaos when mixing words like hitchhiker with hijacker or when telling Alexandra she had to be in charge of writing the urology for their father’s funeral. When Alexandra told a group of people she had to give the urology for her father’s funeral, no one even cracked a smile. It really does make you wonder if they were listening, did they not get it, did they know what the word should have been? Did they think SHE didn’t know?

Now she is living in Wyoming with her three children and is amazed that their father put up with her for twenty years before they got divorced. When she asked her mild mannered current partner how he knew she was asleep he said he suspected as much when she stopped talking.

When I got the announcement from the Parma/Snow Library that this lady would be giving a talk tonight about her memoir writing, I knew I had to be there – after all I did go all the way to Iowa last summer to study memoir writing and have I not been reading memoirs since then in an effort to try to learn something of the process. It was not my intent to buy any books, I just wanted to hear what the lady had to say and see if I could glean a bit more wisdom on the subject. I would request her books at the library.

As soon as she opened her mouth I was charmed by her accent and in no time I was giggling at her facetious manner of story-telling. I know I’d be a fan of her outrageous mother. One young man who came to their farm to meet Alexandra and her sister fell in love with their mother instead of either of them. Their father said his wife’s boyfriends were no concern of his.

Okay, so I had to get one book, which would it be, so I asked the lady sitting next to me, Margaret, which she recommended and she thought the first one, Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight. Margaret left at the end of the talk and I asked, Mr. Kelly, who is in charge of the programs which he recommended and he said the same book since that would be a foundation with her background, so that is the one I bought and got her to sign for me.


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