…at the speed of light


It’s just a story, it isn’t real. My hands are cold and my knees are knocking. I know it is just a movie but my heart is pounding and the special effects and the grand cinema screen have pulled me into the bombardments and blasts, the screeching and crashing are too real and then a droid rolls by and beeps at one of the heroes or heroines and the human being talks back to the droid. I catch my breath, I do not recognize the young actors.

A collision like landing, being swallowed up into an unknown and much larger craft instead of instant extinction opens a door to an actor from the first film thirty-five years earlier, oh yes, I do recognize the original Han Solo played by Harrison Ford. Handsome then and still handsome to those of us who aged with him. And the striking Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, mellowed into her still attractive self as a general in the resistance forces.

As in all wars, the losses are terrible. Good does prevail – but the cost – and leaving the theatre I am tired and do not mind if the force quietly returns the calm and lets the story end for this generation.


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