Peace and Joy ?


With the weather report predicting 28 degrees for tonight I knew I wanted to get the rest of the smaller plastic pots from the patio into the garage and I wanted to cover the iris bed with a mulch of dead leaves and fir tree needles and top that with some of the rich composted soil from one of those pots. I hoped covering the exposed roots would both warm and nourish the iris bed for the winter.

A black pickup truck slowed to a stop more than a house length before it got to the corner and I was puzzled about why until I looked across the intersecting street where I could see a young man who picked up three rocks consecutively and threw each at the third house down Turney Road from our corner, which he had emerged from – no glass shattered but each good sized stone met its mark with a loud smack. He yelled at the woman in the doorway and she came yelling back at him out to the porch and called him a F_ _ _head and he got into a car and screeched away with her still screaming at him from the porch. The black pickup truck then continued on its way and I thought sadly that this was a bad way for that couple to end the year and I wondered how long it had been since they probably pledged their undying love for one another.

How can we even imagine that peace can be attained in the greater world when there is so much brooding, anger and violence erupting all around us on the small stages of our lives.

As I was gathering things to take back to the garage I saw that the Maple had deposited another long brittle branch onto the tree lawn but I did not have the energy to go and break it all up to put into the trash bin so I left it. The trash collectors will probably ignore it so it will have to wait a little longer.

Back inside the house I gathered left over Christmas cards, labels and envelopes and sorted them back into the box I keep on the top of one of the file cabinets, guessing I’ve sent all that need to be sent this season. There are a couple of little gift bags that will go with tissue and wrapping paper to be taken back to the basement for another year.


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